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Beyond “Boomers” & “Millennials” – Recognizing the Organization-Specific Generations that Really Shape Your Workplace Culture
If you're ready for a fresh take on the challenges and opportunities of nurturing a generationally-diverse workplace, this session is for you!

We’ll focus on exploring the interaction between age-based generations and *organization-specific "generations," including workplace tenure cohort and personal life-stage factors (i.e, new college grads in their 20's compared to a mid-career, early 40's employees).

We'll also highlight the professional pitfalls of self-stereotyping (i.e., “I’m having a senior moment” or, “I know that's another one of my crazy Millennial ideas!”), as well as how to be an ally for building age-diverse teams and career development practices.

And finally, we'll highlight why it's important for all of us to think beyond age-based workplace stereotypes and instead create structures that help us fully realize the untapped benefits -- for us as individuals and the long-term success of the business -- of a fully engaged and curious generationally-diverse workforce.

As a result of this session, you will be able to:
• Identify four-different categories of generations in any workplace (age/birth year cohort is only one!)
• Explain why thinking about the role of organization-specific “generations” like tenure difference can help generate understanding and avoid conflict
• Discuss mini-case studies related to common workplace generation factors
• Discuss what you and your organization can do to more effectively tap into the potential of cross-generational collaboration (and the personal benefits of cross-generational workplace friendships)

Oct 20, 2022 11:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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