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Managing Up: How to Secure the Boss’ Buy-In for Your Big Ideas
Our communications with our supervisors may be routine or out-of-the-ordinary. They may be about organizational policies and practices, about what needs to be done and how it could be done, about others and their problems, or about ourselves. Our communications upward are most effective when they demonstrate our awareness of the organization’s needs, as well as our own abilities to think strategically and generate solutions to problems.

However, workplace pressures, including insufficient time and pressing deadlines, may lead us to dash off a quick email that may not highlight the insights we meant to offer. In this Link & Learn, we’ll consider the value of stopping ourselves for a moment before sending that email and taking a few moments to plan upward communication that is more strategic and effective in earning our boss’ trust, approval and advocacy for our ideas.

As a result of this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
• Identify the ways making a request or suggestion to your boss is different than communication with peers or customers
• Define what a stakeholder is and identify what your boss’ “stake” in your concern or suggestion as a strategy for piquing their interest
• Apply an easy-to-use process for planning the content of an upward communication
• Identify what you want your boss to do as a result of your communication
• Review editing tips for tailoring you’re the formatting of your upward message to help you achieve your intended goal

Nov 17, 2022 11:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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