About Zoom

Zoom combines video conferencing, online meetings and in-conference group chat into one easy-to-use tool that is ideal for KU conference rooms and online meetings with external partners. Zoom at KU allows for video, audio and content sharing among up to 300 participants on most devices, including Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS devices, and KU video conferencing room systems (e.g., Polycom).

Get Started

Download Zoom App
Participants can join a Zoom meeting from anywhere in the world via the Zoom app. To download the Zoom app on your KU-owned workstation, personal computer, and/or mobile device, select the "Download the Zoom App" link above.

Host and Schedule Meetings (Faculty, Staff, GTAs/GRAs)
A KU Pro Zoom account is required to host and schedule meetings. KU faculty, staff and GTAs/GRAs are eligible for KU Zoom Pro Accounts. To get a KU Pro Zoom account, select the "Sign In" link above and sign in with your KU Online ID.

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